OMNICad – The Computer Aided Dispatch

Nirasys, OmniCAD is envisaged to receive calls by citizens in distress, prioritize and document all vital information of incident, identify the status and exact location of field responders on GIS Map, and effectively dispatch nearest responder personnel. It can be integrated with various Agencies like Police, Fire, Medical Services, Women Helpline and many more.

OmniCAD platform is equipped with Auto-Dispatch functionality which can automatically identify the nearest Responder location of incident and dispatch it without any manual intervention within fraction of seconds. It is also enabled with Mobile Responder App for field officers to receive the incident details in the form of Notifications. Officer analyses the incident details & reach the incident location and document action taken report on the App.

OmniCAD Features & Capabilities:


    • Automated Dispatch System
    • Computer Telephony Integration
    • Vehicle Tracking System
    • Integration with GIS/GPS
    • Integration with LBS/ELS
    • Multi-language Interface
    • Integration with Voice Loggers
    • Point-Of-Interest Creation
    • Response Mechanism
    • Multi-Agency Integration

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