OMNIdash – The Integrated Command and Control Centre Platform

OMNIdash has diverse mechanism to support decision making. It  is envisaged to aggregate information across multiple applications and sensors deployed across the defined location and then provides actionable information with appropriate visualization for decision makers. The solution acts as brain for operation, exception handling, and incident management.

OMNIdash is applicable in any sector that deals with huge data and wants an outcome based dashboard.

Some exclusive features like asset management, document management, task management, and event management systems makes OMNIdash emerge as one of the trusted command and control centre platform.  It is available in thick and thin client, highly scalable, interoperable, has capability of seamlessly integrating with any IoT subsystem, can manage heterogeneity of data, aligning well with any type of GIS Map.

OmniDash Brochure

Key Features

  • Increasing the situational awareness by providing data insights to administration/ controlling authority through integration of sensors deployed in a geography.
  • Standardizing the response protocol through institutionalization of standard processes for recurring events, issues and exigency scenarios.
  • Institutionalizing data driven decision making for regular operations and during crisis situation across various levels of functionaries – right from operators to the administrators.
  • Engaging with on field support staff to address issues and grievances.

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