SUNO – Mobile App Solution

Citizen Emergency App: Your smartphone is not only a tool to communicate but the invaluable way to help keep yourself safe during emergency. It’s the fastest way to get a hold of loved ones in the event of any grievous situation.


SUNO is such an emergency mobile application that when a user clicks SOS button, then the Users’ location will be shared to its family members and they can track the distress user to provide immediate and necessary help on the exact location.

SUNO eBrochure

Key Features:

  • Automated SOS Alert Creation in ICCC
  • Front & Rear Images taken Automatically
  • Audio & Video is Recorded Automatically
  • GPS Location Tracking every 10 seconds
  • SMS Notification to Family Members
  • In-Built SOS Button
  • Can View location of family member
  • SOS in no internet Zone
  • Can view history of generated SOS
  • Available on Android Platforms

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